During my 15 years as a medical doctor, my approach was rich and varied – concentrating mostly on holistic medicine at the end of my career. I started my medical activity in Morocco and then ran a medical practice in the French countryside for more than a decade.   After leaving Medicine in 1990 I founded a laboratory for natural, high-protein products – which I managed for 21 years. This venture allowed me in 1999 to set up and run two important NGOs   – first in Mauritania then in Laos.

My parallel activity and passion of organizing high-end incentive trips to the most extraordinary parts of the world, also brought me to Namibia.  I organized exceptional trips to this amazing country  – and decided to come and settle here on a permanent basis in 2011.

Katrin and I set up this charming, small lodge in the Namib desert for travelers who want to discover the beauty of African nature in an intimate way. It is aimed at those who want to take their time to unwind and settle into these  most rugged surroundings - and allow themselves to feel the African bush and become one with its silence and vastness .

We invite you to enjoy the beauty and comfort this place has to offer – we are looking forward to sharing our knowledge and passion about Namibia with you.

I was born and grew up in Namibia long before its independence in 1990.  After 25 years of a varied globetrotter life, I returned to my country of birth.

My years in South Africa, studying Psychology and then International Relations, have given me the foundation to work for the United Nations in Mozambique, move to the States for a year and then land up first in Paris and then Nantes during  14 years. I have always worked internationally and travelled a lot – what an immense privilege!

When meeting Bernard in Nantes and then moving back to Namibia 7 years ago, a whole new adventure started to unfold. The country has changed tremendously since my childhood and adolescent years – to have built and now run Katiti’s together with Bernard is indeed a rich and varied experience.

Katiti’s is a magical place. We have taken great care to create a graceful and relaxed environment. A place which is indeed small and precious.  A place where you can enjoy time with friends or family in an intimate and tailor-made setting. A place we call our home.

Life in the desert is incredibly rewarding. The over-powering silence and infiniteness of nature out here is intimidating and liberating at once. It’s a place where one becomes one with the omnipresent ancient landscapes, which constantly remind us of how small we really are.  A feeling that becomes even stronger when enjoying and soaking in the incredible mystery of the African sky at night.

Our activity with guests would be impossible without our staff. Its a team effort and a constant striving towards excellency to make the Katiti’s “a place just for you”…….

The saying « they get on as cat and dog » does not apply to our beautiful pets. Gaia, our Weimaraner dog lady and Simba, our couch lion, are an important part of Katiti’s team. It is amazing to see the two play and hunt together and then crawl up in the same basket to sleep at night. Gaia is not only an excellent watch dog, keeping hyenas and cheetah at bay, but also  a valuable and enthusiastic companion during our hikes up the mountain.