We are passionate about gardening and growing our own organic vegetables in the desert!

Our two shaded permaculture vegetable gardens, tucked away in the desert plains, offer us an abundance of seasonal green food.

What a delight it is to pick the vegetable straight from mother earth and come up with tasty and unconventional combinations – depending on what is growing in the garden and the mood of the chef! We firmly believe that food is medicine but also a source of pleasure and creativity. The French know all about good food, so expect a delightful choice of meals and deserts, in true Franco/Namibian fashion. We also bake our own breads and cakes.  

Bernard, the Frenchie, is taking great care in choosing the best wines available, whether French, South African or Namibian – preferably organic and adding a surprising note to the dinner. Remember, wine is serious and a matter of national pride for the “grande nation” fellows.