Hikes up our “sacred” mountain can be organized on request.  It takes about 3 hours and good walking shoes, a hat and   sunscreen are the basics.  

  • Enjoy our one hour  game drive and sundowner drinks at the feet of the sacred mountain.
  • Relax relax relax in the shade of our pool house. Our swimming pool is spectacular. 17 m long……..overlooking the vast plains  of the desert.
  • Balloon rides can be organized on the neighboring farm. Or visit the Solitaire Cheetah Sanctuary. (20 min drive from us).  

Sundowner time...... and sunsets that make you speechless..........

With your preferred beverage in your hands, this is the magical moment to soak in the setting sun and spacious surroundings exploding in a never-ending kaleidoscope of colors.

I n  great company of course!

And while everybody is chatting,  the Namibian sun is making  its amazingly quick and sudden exit,  inviting the blue velvet sky of night to take over.